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WelcomeTo Robotics Zone

We have formed a robotics club for kids. There are creative thinkers, coders, and designers all around us. We aim to nurture the special talents within each child. Our programs allow kids to tap into their technical and scientific abilities, bringing out the best in every participant. We customized our activities to let children explore their capabilities in technology and science, while highlighting the unique strengths of each individual.


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What We Offer

What makes our classes superior to others?

Encourage creative thinking:

By applying scientific concepts in a real-world setting, students can brainstorm solutions, use their imaginations to design models and see the tangible output of their creativity.

Enhance problem-solving skills:

We encourage students to apply creativity when something isn't working. By thinking outside the box and learning how to program the models they're building, they learn to recognize and solve problems. Is

Build teamwork skills:

Students work together to bring their concepts to life. This encourages kids to voice their opinions, ask others for input and utilize their strengths as well as recognize the strengths of others.

Teaches computer programming:

Our staff teaches kids about computer programming, then gives them the opportunity to practice what they're learning. Students complete the workshop with a better understanding of and ability to use computer programming.

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